Top 4 most popular application social networks for young people 2020


With the development of technology today, mobile phones are becoming the most popular and the most applied. It is not only the connection but transferring the information to more people. This may be a basic meeting so we can experience now. Let’s take a look at the top 4 most popular youth apps this year t used tik tok downloader.

Definition of social networks

Social networking is one of the ways to connect people together when they share their interests and passions. Providing yourself with information about society, life or active activities is also available on social networks.

Definition of social networks

Nowadays when social networks become elements of equipment in everyone’s life. Social media will also help you share passions or moments you want to keep with family or friends. Conveying special messages to residents quickly. Exchange information and experiences between people over the internet. In addition, we can all interact and connect with friends around the world.

What is outstanding on social networks?

Maybe social media is one of those forms of non-functionalities that are both important and diverse. While it is not only equipped with many tools, but it can add useful points, social networks can operate smoothly on different operating systems. The special features of social networks in current life are:

Users could register and account Personal accounts, active online or offline information through the internet. Social media accounts can update the posts for viewers, or store some of the most favorite scenes and images. The articles can be in the form of images or documents or files of different formats.

Top 4 most used applications


Surely youtube will be no stranger to us today. Youtube is second only to Facebook and has officially participated in the social networking race. According to statistics on Youtube, about 2 billion people use this application worldwide. A special feature of youtube is that it integrates up to 80 languages ​​worldwide and a huge video repository with different topics. Here we can search for everything about our problem in an easy way.

App Youtube

Not only helps us find our passion, but we can make money posting our videos. Perhaps youtube is connected to many different platforms, so if we only have the internet, we will have everything. YouTube services such as advertising have also developed markedly and this will bring profits to bring information closer to users.


Facebook was launched in 2004 and according to the statistics, when it launched, Facebook brought in 2,500 billion users. In which Asia, especially Vietnam, has been used by 60 million people. Facebook helps us to connect with the community. For example, Vietnam can bypass the gaps in the South and North. The features that we can make friends from all over the world and bring many special things to our viewers. The features that Facebook has available we can convey meaningful or positive messages or messages to people through the status stream. Can keep all the pictures, memorable moments and each time Facebook will remind you to express feelings, share from close friends far away. Instead of talking by email boxes, Facebook will also help us talk directly to each other without losing any time and expense.

App Facebook

As long as we have a popular Smartphone, we can update information quickly through videos on e-books and newspapers. We can save newspaper costs or update information as quickly as possible. In addition, Facebook currently has a lot of trends such as dropping “love” on photos to show affection like not simply a like or heart. We can fully express emotions on the posts of our friends and relatives.

Facebook is also a place where many small and large businesses invest in advertising to help viewers reach them quickly. Or forms of sales livestream also help viewers to know more of their items.


Ranked No.3 in the applications that are most accessible to users is Instagram. With 900 million people speaking with 33 languages ​​integrated in this application. Not just sharing pictures or videos that attract millions of people around the world and the number of interactions per day. Instagram can give users the freedom to create personal accounts with attractive themes, building creative images. Help their personal account attract followers.

App Instagram

The functions to support photo editing on Instagram are also very rich and we can also livestream chat and connect with friends. Behind the artistic photos from the beautiful and high value pictures, we can completely interact with the topics that we love on Instagram with different styles.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is an emerging application recently, but perhaps this application is equally hot with other applications. Launched in 2017 but has reached 150 million daily active users and users. Unlike the above applications, Tik Tok allows users to create content and transmit information by short videos. The clips are humorous, current, humanistic, … or some of the youth trends such as “hand washing dance” in the past Covid-19 months to propagate positive activities. Or “swan duck” from an ugly girl “transformed” with a beautiful face. Tik Tok also has extremely attractive video editing filters, in addition to a number of unique and strange stickers that attract users when using this application. You can used tool download video tiktok here.

App Tik Tok

Above are the top 4 applications that are loved and used the most by young people in the past year. To post information by articles or short videos to update the user’s useful information from society and life.

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