How to download and install BlueStacks on your PC


Emerging from self-created videos with the hottest trends today, Tik Tok has been and is the most famous and popular video social network. With your phone, you just need to download it from Play Store or on the App Store to experience. But if you want to experience it on your computer, you need to rely on the help of professional Android emulator software like bluestacks. The following article will guide you on how to use Tik Tok using bluestacks on your computer

Instructions for installing Tik Tok on your computer

Step 1: Please install the bluestacks application on your computer. Link down to this software we will put below

Download bluestacks for Windows, Mac Os

After successfully installing bluestacks on my computer. You start the software up and click on Play Store.

bluestacks 3

Step 2:

Type the keyword Tik Tok in the search bar and press Enter to search for this application.

Step 3:

CH Play will display the search results and the Tik Tok application will appear right at the beginning, click and select Install to download and install the application.

Step 4:

Next, you click the Accept button to agree to access the application.

Wait a while for the app to finish downloading, then click Open. After each exit, please re-enter with the icon on the main screen.

So, you have successfully installed Tik Tok on your computer,

To use, you need to log in to Tik Tok as you log in on your phone. And to use other functions such as swiping, transferring video, you can use the computer mouse.


Some issues related to TikTok on BlueStacks

Graphics related Issues

Make sure you are using the application in OpenGL graphical mode. To switch to OpenGL, click on the settings icon in the corner of the screen, select Engine Settings and then select the Graphics mode from DirectX to OpenGL and restart BlueStacks

In addition, you also need to increase the RAM usage of BlueStacks to at least 1500 MB of RAM

Sound Related Issues

You look up to the upper right corner of the screen, press expand, you will see a sound icon, click on it to increase the volume of the application.

Unable to Download TikTok from Play Store

Click the setting icon in the corner of the screen and select Help and Support. Launch Report a Problem by clicking the “Report a problem” button on the top right.

Select “App-related Issue” in category and “Unable to download” in the sub-category.

Once selected, a panel will appear to reinstall bluestacks. Click the Ok button and it’s all done.

report bluestack

Above is a guide on how to use Tik Tok using bluestacks on the computer to download tik tok videos online. From now on, using Tik Tok on your computer you will not have to worry about battery limit and configuration like on smartphones.

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